IXA Token

IXA TokenNow absolutely everyone can invest in the INFOXIA projects by buying the $IXA crypto token. We distribute 25% of net profit in stablecoins (USD) to token holders every quarter!

INFOXIA includes four projects:
BanksDaily.com / one of the oldest and trusted bank directories (since 2007);
INFOXIA.com / online business directory (since 2017);
BankDEP.com / crypto investment platform (since 2018);
EstoBit.com / crypto exchanges rating (since 2019).

Once you buy our token you will become an essential part of the projects. Key benefits for token holders:
- quarterly dividends;
- tokens buyback;
- 25% discount on advertising packages.

Token name: IXA
Total supply: 100,000,000
Blockchain: BNB Chain
Initial price: US$ 0.02
Telegram group: @infoxia

More info at infoxia.com