Migrosbank logoMigros Bank AG is one of the largest banks in Switzerland. The Bank offers various banking products and services, such as debit and credit cards, payments services, and travelers cheques, mi-funds, bearer bonds, third-party funds, structured products, time deposits, ticket fee/exchange, asset management with investment funds, m-invest fund savings plan, provisions, online services.

The Bank's loan portfolio comprises mortgage, personal, construction, investment, and real estate loans, as well as equipment leasing.
Headquarter Bern, Switzerland
Key people Fabrice Zumbrunnen (President)
Head office Aarbergergasse 20-22, 3001 Bern
Phone +41 848 845 400, +41 848 845 410
Official site www.migrosbank.ch Website
Founded 1958
ID: 913. Updated: 07.01.2020
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