DAB BNP Paribas
DAB BNP Paribas logoDAB BNP Paribas (Direkt Anlage Bank) provides online brokerage and securities-related services to individual investors and business customers primarily in Germany.

The Bank offers a range of services related to capital accumulation and asset protection utilizing securities, as well as financial planning, investment products, investment advice, retirement savings, financing, and insurance. DAB Bank AG is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas (France).

MFI ID: DE00151
Headquarter Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Key people Thomas Zink (Co-CEO), Dr. Sven Deglow (Co-CEO)
Head office Europa-Allee 12, 60327, Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49/89/8895 6000, +49/89/5006 8696
Fax +49/89/500 68 630
Official site www.dab-bank.de Website
Founded 1994
ID: 1584. Updated: 09.05.2021
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