This is a list of banks, sorted alphabetically.

Banka Volksbank d.d.

Banka Volksbank d.d. provides universal financial services to companies, institutional investors and individuals. Services: banking, financial instruments, loans, financing, deposits, structured products, saving products, corporate banking, retail banking. Banka Volksbank d.d. is a subsidiary of Volksbank International AG (Austria).

Ljubljana | Update: 2012-02-20 | ID: 200

Nova KBM

Nova KBM d.d. (Nova Kreditna banka Maribor d.d., NKBM) is a universal bank with the longest tradition of banking in Slovenia. Bank offers to individuals, sole proprietors, legal entities and other organisations mainstream banking services, investment banking products and online banking service, as well as other modern banking channels and advanced financial services and systems, such as mobile phone payments (Moneta). High quality banking services are complemented by professional advice and financial products and services offered by other Nova KBM Group members. Total assets: €4.81 billion (as of September 30, 2010).

Maribor | Update: 2011-04-04 | ID: 1307

Nova Ljubljanska banka (NLB)

Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. (NLB) provides various banking and financial services to individual and corporate clients, and financial institutions in Slovenia. The Bank is a part of NLB Group, the largest Slovenian banking and financial group. Total assets: €11.5 billion (as of December 31, 2012). Net loss: €304.9 million (2012).

Ljubljana | Update: 2013-06-18 | ID: 970

Poštna banka Slovenije d.d.

Poštna banka Slovenije was established by the former Slovenian PTT organisations. The Bank started operations on 1 July 1992, immediately after Poštna hranilnica Beograd had been shut down.

Maribor | Update: 2010-12-05 | ID: 1030

SKB banka

SKB banka d.d. is a modern, innovative bank and a pioneer in various areas of Slovenian banking system development. As a part of Société Générale, one of the largest banking groups in the Euro area, SKB has support in transferring new technologies, opening new business opportunities and accessibility of financing resources.

Ljubljana | Update: 2016-06-04 | ID: 1112

UniCredit Banka Slovenija

UniCredit Banka Slovenije d.d. (former Bank Austria Creditanstalt d.d.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UniCredit Bank Austria AG Vienna. The Bank provides banking and other financial products and services in Slovenia. Net profit: $18.59 million (for 2010).

Ljubljana | Update: 2011-04-15 | ID: 1310

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