In total, there are 25 licensed banks operating in Saudi Arabia. The banking system is composed of 12 Local Banks and 13 Foreign Banks (November 2016).
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Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi Bank (formerly Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation), is one of the largest Islamic banks in the world. The Bank is one of the largest joint stock companies in the Kingdom. Al-Rajhi Bank's shareholding pattern show that the four sons of Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi (Saleh, Sulaiman, Abdullah and Mohammed) and their heirs remain the corporation's primary equity holders.

Riyadh | Update: 2019-09-15 | ID: 24

Arab National Bank

Arab National Bank (ANB) is one of the top ten banks in the Middle East. ANB offers a full range of domestic and international commercial and Islamic products and services to the retail and corporate sectors. The Bank also offers a consultancy and investment, mutual funds and assets management, local & international equity trading, foreign exchange and treasury services.

Riyadh | Update: 2010-08-19 | ID: 1355

Bank Albilad

Bank Albilad is a full-service commercial bank operating under Islamic Sharia principles. The Bank operates in four business segments: Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury and Investment Banking. As on December 31, 2015, the Bank had a network of 120 banking branches and 171 exchange and remittance centers.

Riyadh | Update: 2022-08-11 | ID: 2301

Bank AlJazira (BAJ)

Bank AlJazira (BAJ) is one of the leading Shari'ah compliant fast growing financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, client-driven and service-oriented Saudi Financial Group which provides individuals, businesses and institutions with innovative Shari'ah compliant financial services through professional and dedicated staff.

Jeddah | Update: 2021-02-03 | ID: 1527

Banque Saudi Fransi

Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other markets. The Bank's offices are located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Riyadh and Al-Khobar. Net profit: SR 3,516 million (2014).

Riyadh | Update: 2015-04-16 | ID: 2030

Deutsche Bank Saudi Arabia

Deutsche Bank AG Riyadh Branch is the Saudi Arabian branch of Deutsche Bank, a global banking and financial services company. The branch is regulated by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) and operates under a full commercial banking license, which was granted by SAMA in July 2004.

Riyadh | Update: 2012-06-20 | ID: 1705

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

The Islamic Development Bank is an international financial institution established in pursuance of the Declaration of Intent issued by the Conference of Finance Ministers of Muslim Countries held in Jeddah in Dhul Q'adah 1393H, corresponding to December 1973. The purpose of the Bank is to foster the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities individually as well as jointly in accordance with the principles of Shari'ah i.e., Islamic Law.

Jeddah | Update: 2014-02-23 | ID: 790

National Commercial Bank (NCB)

The National Commercial Bank (NCB) is the most prominent of Saudi banks and was the first bank established in Saudi Arabia. NCB provides the highest standards in Islamic banking, with a customer-focused approach that emphasizes service, quality convenience, and innovation.

Jeddah | Update: 2016-11-24 | ID: 949

Riyad Bank

Riyad Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, with a strong corporate and retail banking franchise. It operates in four primary financial services sectors including Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury, and International Banking. Total assets: SAR 186,450 billion (as of March 31, 2013). Net income: SAR 3,466 million (2012).

Riyadh | Update: 2013-10-14 | ID: 1706


SABB (formerly known as the Saudi British Bank) is a Saudi Joint Stock Company with a strong track record and a heritage that stretches back more than 30 years. The Bank provides a range of banking solutions for individuals and businesses in Saudi Arabia. SABB is a part of HSBC Group, one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations with over 10,000 offices in 83 countries and territories across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Total assets: SAR 190.2 billion (as of March 31, 2015).

Riyadh | Update: 2015-06-02 | ID: 1082

Saudi Hollandi Bank (SHB)

Saudi Hollandi Bank (SHB) is one of the oldest operating banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Bank operates in four business segments: Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Treasury, Investment Banking and Services. Total assets: SAR 68.5 billion (as of December 31, 2012). Net profit: SAR 1.03 billion (2011), SAR 1.25 billion (2012).

Riyadh | Update: 2015-05-22 | ID: 1083

Saudi Investment Bank

The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) is a leading Saudi Bank committed to the promotion of private industrial and commercial sectors. The Bank offers traditional wholesale, retail and commercial banking products. In particular, SAIB arranges financing of quasi-government and private industrial sectors and trade finance products for facilitating imports and increasing Saudi exports.

Riyadh | Update: 2019-09-15 | ID: 2629

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