In total, there are 120 commercial banks operating in Indonesia. The banking system is composed of 4 state owned banks and 116 private banks (November 2017).

The central bank of The Republic of Indonesia

Bank Andara

Bank Andara provides financial products and services to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Indonesia. The Bank offers loan, savings, investment products, bill payment, international remittances, money transfer, micro-insurance, mobile banking, ATM, and technical assistance services.

Denpasar | Update: 2012-10-04 | ID: 1721

Bank BJB

Bank BJB (PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat dan Banten Tbk) is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in Indonesia. The Bank also offers Shariah-compliant banking services through its subsidiary, PT Bank Jabar Banten Syariah.

Bandung | Update: 2020-09-09 | ID: 2031

Bank Bukopin

Since its establishment on 10 July 1970, Bank Bukopin has been focusing on UMKMK (Micro, Small, Medium and Cooperative Business) segment, and keeps developing it self to enter the medium bank category in Indonesia from assets Presspective.

Denpasar | Update: 2018-07-25 | ID: 1323

Bank CIMB Niaga

Bank CIMB Niaga (formerly Bank Niaga) is currently the 4th largest bank in Indonesia in terms of total assets. Bank CIMB Niaga now offers its customer the most comprehensive portfolio of universal banking services available in Indonesia, combining its strengths in retail, SME and corporate banking as well as payment services.

Jakarta | Update: 2017-04-27 | ID: 128

Bank Danamon

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk. is one of Indonesia's largest financial institutions, with a network extending from Aceh to Papua. offers a wide range of banking products and services in SME banking, commercial banking, corporate banking, consumer banking, micro enterprises banking through Danamon Simpan Pinjam, trade finance, cash management, treasury, capital markets, financial institutions, and Syariah banking.

Jakarta | Update: 2017-04-28 | ID: 2372

Bank Ganesha

PT Bank Ganesha is a commercial bank in Indonesia, with its headquarters in Jakarta. Bank Ganesha provides universal financial services to companies, institutional investors and individuals. The Bank's offices are located in Jakarta, Tangerang, Semarang and Surabaya.

Jakarta | Update: 2018-07-25 | ID: 92

Bank HSBC Indonesia

PT Bank HSBC Indonesia offers a wide range of products and services in commercial, wholesale and retail banking and wealth management. The Bank's services include international banking, phone/internet banking, payroll services, safe deposit boxes, telegraphic transfers, bank clearance, trade of foreign exchange, remittance, tax payment, and various bill payments.

Jakarta | Update: 2019-08-23 | ID: 2613

Bank Mandiri

Bank Mandiri is one of the largest bank in Indonesia in term of assets and loans. The bank has 956 branches spread across three different time zones in the Indonesian archipelago and 6 branches abroad.

Jakarta | Update: 2019-06-03 | ID: 1322

Bank Mayapada

PT Bank Mayapada Internasional, Tbk. is a provider of commercial banking services in Indonesia. The company offers various deposit products, such as current deposits, savings deposits, time deposits, and certificates of deposit. Its various loan products include auto loans; working capital loans, investment loans, import loans, export loans and personal loans. The Bank has more than 150 offices across country. Also Bank Mayapada is listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX).

Jakarta | Update: 2020-03-31 | ID: 1555

Bank Muamalat Indonesia

PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk is the first Sharia bank in Indonesia. The Bank provides funding, deposits, savings, currency trading, pension funds services, guarantees, insurance and sharia financing services through more than 320 local branches, more than 700 unit of Muamalat ATMs.

Jakarta | Update: 2019-08-25 | ID: 2619

Bank Negara Indonesia

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI, English: State Bank of Indonesia) is a state-owned commercial bank and is the fourth largest national Bank in Indonesia. BNI provides commercial and consumer banking services including deposit and loan facilities.

Jakarta | Update: 2020-08-22 | ID: 2620


Bank OCBC NISP (former Bank NISP) is one of the top five banks in the country. At the end of June 2010, OCBC Bank (Singapore) had become the controlling shareholder of the Bank by 81.9% shares share ownership through a series of acquisition since 2004. Bank renders its services to a diverse range of individuals and corporate/SME clients. Bank OCBC NISP employs about 6,000 people and operates more than 408 business offices throughout 88 cities in Indonesia.

Jakarta | Update: 2012-06-01 | ID: 1453

Bank Woori Saudara

PT Bank Woori Saudara Indonesia 1906 TBK (formerly PT Bank Himpunan Saudara 1906 Tbk) is a provider of commercial banking services in Indonesia.

Bandung | Update: 2018-07-25 | ID: 1806

J Trust Bank

PT Bank JTrust Indonesia Tbk (formerly Bank Mutiara) is an Indonesia-based financial institution that offers various deposit products, including demand deposits, savings deposits, time deposits, and certificate of deposits. The Bank loan portfolio primarily comprises working capital, overdraft, export-import, investment, vehicle, housing, employees, and inheritance loans.

Jakarta | Update: 2019-09-08 | ID: 2626


PT Bank Permata Tbk (PermataBank) is a leading financial services provider in Indonesia, with a focus on Consumer and Commercial segment. The Bank provides comprehensive and innovative products and services, especially in the area of high-tech delivery channels including Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. The major shareholders are as follows: Astra International, a major conglomerate with one of the largest market cap in Indonesia, and Standard Chartered Bank, an international Bank with global experience.

Jakarta | Update: 2015-05-20 | ID: 1015

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