Spotlight on Islamic Retail Banking – strategies for fast growing industry
Islamic Banking is young but fast growing industry what brings challenges as need for standardization, expanding at the market, lack of public awareness about Islamic Banking (misinterpretation) and limited resources of qualified people in this particular industry.

Over 200 Global C-level Islamic bankers will meet at strategic business gathering - 3rd Annual World Islamic Retail Banking Conference in Dubai (18-20 October 2011), event supported by Malaysia International Islamic Finance Center - MIFC to exchanges business strategies and share valuable case studies on overcoming the major industry challenges.

The most recognized experts from Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia), Al Baraka Banking Group (Bahrain), Standard Chartered (Singapore), BMI Bank (Bahrain), Ajman Bank (U.A.E), The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) Germany, Bahrain Islamic Bank BSC (Bahrain), HSBC Amanah, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (UAE) will present their expertise and open discussions on:
  • What needs to be done to attract more Muslims and non-Muslim to Islamic Retail Banking products
  • What is the competitive edge of the Islamic industry compared to conventional
  • How to make a distinction between what is needed for Sharia compliance and what is needed to make a transaction commercially sound and viable
  • How manage asset portfolio to ensure that a bank is not overexposed to just one sector e.g. property
  • How to effectively differentiate the nature of the depositor and profit payout to the depositor
  • Best Practices of Auditing Islamic Retail Products align with Shariah
  • Best strategies to ensure sustainable building of brand loyalty and product competitiveness
Attending this conference Islamic Retail Bankers will gain deep insights into the Current Challenges facing this Industry. WIRBC is attended by the most prominent decision makers of the industry including CEO's of the leading Islamic Institutions who participate in annual CEO panel discussions and Shariah Scholars in the Annual Open Fatwa Session. WIRBC is an excellent networking platform for the Global Islamic Retail Bankers.

3rd Annual World Islamic Retail Banking Conference is sponsored by Bahrain Islamic Bank, ITS Group, Huron Consulting Group, Utiba, VeriPark and Path Solution.

Source: Fleming Gulf
Date: 07.10.2011 [308]