FMAS23 - The One-Stop Shop for Fintech Solutions in Africa
It's no secret that fintech solutions are driving growth and innovation in Africa's financial sector. The financial technology sector in Africa is rapidly developing and evolving, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and novel business models. Because of this, anyone interested in learning about cutting-edge financial technology in Africa should attend the Finance Magnates Africa Summit (FMAS:23).

At the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, from May 8-10, 2023, the foremost figures in the African fintech industry will convene for FMAS:23, giving attendees a unique chance to discuss and learn about the latest developments in the sector. Entrepreneurs in the financial technology (fintech) space, as well as those in the technology and service sectors, will have the opportunity to exhibit their wares and network with prospective business associates and customers.

Over the course of the conference's 2.5 days, participants will be able to engage with major retail players and fintech industry leaders through a variety of panels, sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. The goal of FMAS:23 is to help attendees discover the most cutting-edge fintech solutions in Africa and take their businesses to the next level by providing a stimulating and engaging venue for doing so.

Finance Magnates has been holding its London Summit series for over a decade, but the Finance Magnates Africa Summit is the company's first event on an African continent. FMAS:23, which aims to unite the brightest minds in Africa's financial sector, is shaping up to be the must-attend conference for anyone interested in the enormous fintech market in Africa.

In that case, you shouldn't miss FMAS:23 if you want to learn about the cutting-edge financial technology available in Africa and how it can help your company succeed. Sign up right now to be a part of the discussion.

Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2023

Date: 14.03.2023 [ID: 377]
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