Rabobank logoRabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. Rabobank Group offers retail banking, wholesale banking, asset management, leasing and real estate services, with emphasis on providing a comprehensive package of financial services in the Netherlands. Internationally the Group is focussed on the food and agri sector.

Rabobank Group is comprised of 143 independent local Rabobanks plus Rabobank Nederland, their umbrella organisation, and a number of subsidiaries. The group entities maintain strong mutual ties. Rabobank Group's total employee base numbers about 43,800 FTEs, who serve approximately 10 million clients in 40 countries.

Total assets: EUR 590.6 billion (December 31, 2019).
Net profit: EUR 2.6 billion (2011), EUR 2.1 billion (2012), EUR 2.0 billion (2013), EUR 1.8 billion (2014), EUR 2.2 billion (2015), EUR 2.0 billion (2016), EUR 2.7 billion (2017), EUR 3.0 billion (2018), EUR 2.2 billion (2019).
Headquarter Utrecht, Netherlands
Key people Wiebe Draijer (Chairman of the Managing Board)
Head office Croeselaan 18, Utrecht, 3521
Phone 31-30-216-0000
Official site www.rabobank.com
Founded 1972
ID: 1045. Updated: 15.02.2020
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