D Commerce Bank
D Commerce Bank logoD Commerce Bank AD (formerly Demirbank-(Bulgaria) AD) is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services to private and corporate clients in Bulgaria.

The Bank offers various deposit products, working capital loans, investment loans, combined credit facilities, line of credit, business overdraft, agroloans, guarantees, and letters of credit, debit cards, investment banking services, safe deposit boxes, online banking, and factoring services.
Headquarter Sofia, Bulgaria
Key people Ms. Anna Ivanova Asparuhova (Chairperson and CEO)
Head office 8, General Totleben Blvd. 1606 Sofia
Phone 359 2 464 11 71
Fax 359 2 989 48 48
Official site www.dbank.bg Website
Founded 1999
ID: 1918. Updated: 30.01.2019
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