Aareal Bank
Aareal Bank logoAareal Bank AG is one of the leading international specialist property banks. The Bank has offices on three continents – in Europe, North America and Asia. The Structured Property Financing segment provides property financing solutions for national and international clients.

The Consulting/Services segment offers services for the housing and the commercial property industry as well as for the energy and waste disposal market.

Aareal Bank provides property financing solutions in more than 20 countries. Finance products: single asset finance, portfolio finance, investment loans, construction loans, VAT facilities, bridge loans, senior loans, corporate property loans, finance of share deal transactions, cross-border/multi-jurisdiction facilities, syndication.

Total assets: EUR 40,269 million (as of September 30, 2018).
Headquarter Wiesbaden, Germany
Key people Jochen Klösges (CEO)
Company type Aktiengesellschaft (FWB: ARL)
Head office Paulinenstrasse 15
D-65189 Wiesbaden, Germany
Phone +49 611 348-0
Fax +49 611 348 2549
Official site www.aareal-bank.com/en/ Website
Founded 2001
ID: 1597. Updated: 26.03.2022
Social media
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