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Allied Irish Banks (AIB) »

Allied Irish Banks p.l.c. (AIB) is a major commercial bank based in Ireland. In December 2010 the Irish government nationalised most shares in the bank and so it is now effectively a state institution. The bank has one of the largest branch networks in Ireland. Net income: EUR 1.4 billion (2015).

HQ: Dublin | Update: 2016-07-13

Bank of Ireland »

Bank of Ireland is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of banking services in the Republic of Ireland. It's one of the traditional Big Four Irish banks. Historically the premier banking organisation in Ireland, today Bank of Ireland is number two to Allied Irish Banks. The Bank occupies a unique position in Irish banking history. Total assets: EUR 131 billion (as of December 31, 2015). Net income: EUR 921 million (2014), EUR 1,201 million (2015).

HQ: Dublin | Update: 2016-07-13

Citibank Europe plc »

Citibank Europe plc is an Irish-regulated bank headquartered in Dublin and offers a broad range of financial services and products, including cash management, derivatives, corporate finance, investor products, custody, trade services, trustee services, fund administration, transfer agency and shareholder services.

HQ: Dublin | Update: 2019-08-24


DEPFA BANK plc is a Dublin-based company, incorporated under Irish law, with a network of international subsidiaries and branch offices. Since October 2007 it is a 100% subsidiary of Hypo Real Estate Holding AG.

HQ: Dublin | Update: 2011-06-15

KBC Bank Ireland »

KBC Bank Ireland is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KBC Group (Belgium). Bank provides a wide range of business and personal financial services to large, small and medium-sized Irish businesses. KBC Bank also provides a range of back-office administration, treasury support, financial reporting, taxation and legal services, to foreign banks and corporates operating in Ireland.

HQ: Dublin | Update: 2016-07-13

Ulster Bank »

Ulster Bank (Banc Uladh) is a large commercial bank and is one of the "Big Four" in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Ulster Bank has a full line of personal banking products and services from checking and savings to loans and online banking. The Bank has nearly 100 branches throughout Northern Ireland.

HQ: Belfast | Update: 2014-11-13

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